Spiritual Companionship

Spiritual Companionship; North Gate Healing CenterSpiritual companionship: There are times in our lives when the Journey seems overwhelming or difficult to navigate.  Spiritual Companionship offers you the opportunity to have a compassionate, spiritually based companion in those difficult times of your journey.

A Spiritual Companion offers one on one guidance to people as they cope with the transitions in life, or as they attempt to deepen their relationship with self, others, or with the Divine.

It is not psychotherapy, counseling, or financial planning.

Spiritual Companionship is offered on an individual basis, either in person or by telephone.
Spiritual Companionship can also be offered in a group setting, as spiritual topics are explored and journeyed together. Group settings can include a one or two hour presentation to your group.
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2 Responses to Spiritual Companionship

  1. Julie Iverson says:


    My dear friend Andrea Mericle speaks highly of your skills as a therapist. She also mentioned you are a Certified Trainer of Spiritual Direction.

    I participated about 1 year in a Spiritual Direction Program and was unable to follow through due to time and work conflicts. I have since considered re-applying. I was especially interested to hear that you could train me one-on-one and provide spiritual direction.

    Thank you for your time – Julie

    • Bansejm says:

      oh my goodness Dearest Julie. I am so very sorry it took me so long to respond to your request.

      I am a bit tech illiterate…I finally figured out how to access these hidden messages (DUH :) ).

      you are so right…Andrea Mericle is an absolute dear one. and yes, I DO one on one spiritual direction and guidance. I would love to work with you! Are you from NE Iowa? or the surrounding area?

      otherwise we can work via the phone…or digitally.

      Much Love and Light to you.

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