Kaya Runi Stone Therapy

Kaya Runi Stone TherapyKaya Runi Stones are sacred volcanic stones from Hawaii, which have been blessed by a Shaman to bring about a level of deeper healing and relaxation. They have been attuned to recognize the “male” and “female” components of the body, and bring the 2 parts into harmony and balance with each other.

♥ =  this modality requires extra prep time, please let us know you are requesting this modality when you make your reservation

What to Expect at a Kaya Runi Session
A session generally lasts about 1-2 hours. The client is fully clothed, and is face down, on a massage table. The practitioner guides the client through a light meditation to bring about relaxation. The practitioner then runs various stones down the energy centers located along the spine of the client, in a variety of ways-to aid in the releasing of negative energies, and bring balance to both sides of the body.

Benefits of Kaya Runi Stone Therapy
♥ Kaya Runi Therapy promotes the release of negative emotional

♥ Kaya Runi Therapy enhances the balance of mind, body and soul.

♥ Kaya Runi Therapy relieves stress, and provides grounding
during times of traumatic upheaval.

♥ Kaya Runi Therapy rejuvenates and balances the energy centers
of the body.

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