Marma Point Therapy

marma faceMarma Point Therapy: is an ancient practice in which the practitioner gently places his or her fingers on the anatomical sites where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet up. This ancient form of treatment, is similar to acuppressure, and dates back to between 1500 — 1200 BC.

There are 107 Marma points throughout the body.

Marma Point Therapy involves using the fingers to stimulate the Marma points thereby promoting physical and mental rehabilitation.

 As with Acupuncture, these points correspond to internal organs and systems of the body which react to manual stimulation.

A professional therapist isolates the Marma points and cleans them out by increasing the blood flow to the affected part of the neuro-muscular junction. They also aim to tone the surrounding muscles.

Marma Massage Today

Stimulating or massaging the marma points gives benefits to the area of their locations and improves the function of the connecting organs.

The marma massage itself is approximately 60 to 90 minutes of duration, and should be followed by steam bath or warm shower.

The marma massage can be used as a part of a rejuvenation therapy or it could be used as preventative measure from unwanted conditions.

Either way, marma massage is a really useful way to help improve or maintain an individual’s health balance.













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