Shamanic Journeying and Healing Practices

shamanShamanism is an ancient art, dating back over 40,000 years, practiced by our indigenous ancestors.

Shamanic Journeying is a combination of powerful healing practices and theories, aimed at bringing whole level balance, harmony, and healing to the mind, body and spirit.  Shamanism primarily incorporates “Mother Earth Energies” and powerful, prayer / intentional meditation techniques into powerful, focused healing modalities.

North Gate Healing Center practitioners are trained in various Native North American, Incan and Siberian Shamanic modalities.

Benefits of Shamanic Therapy

  • Restore lost parts of the soul – to “feel whole again”
  • Release negative emotional energies
  • Reconnect with the cosmic spiritual community
  • Promotes balance with self and universal energies
  • Self empowerment

Shamanic practices compliment any body /energy work and aid in speeding the recovery process.

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