Interior Decorating with Basic Feng Shui

Interior Decorating with Basic Feng Shui

By: Marge Banse

We all have our own tastes when it comes to decorating.  And we can tell when we can walk into a place, or run across another person,  whether we feel warm and cozy, or if something is out of place or not quite right.  We can tell whether the room, or at times the person we encounter, is giving off (excuse the 70”s cliché) “Good Vibes” or “Bad Vibes”.

These “vibes” are in fact a form of energy flow.  An energy flow that can be positive, negative , or just stagnated.  At times we may feel as if, our living space is stagnated, but areas of our life have stagnated as well.

Feng Shui is an ancient art of increasing positive energy flow through the energy systems of our lives.  It is a tool which brings positive energy into circulation, increases the feelings of stability, balance and peace.  Either through rearranging the décor of a room, a garden, or exterior landscaping.  But it also refers to rearranging the landscape of ones own inner being.

Feng Shui is a series of principles involving the placing of items in a particular order in an effort to bring health and wellbeing to our lives. Eastern cultures have been practicing Feng Shui for centuries.  So long in fact, that almost everything in their traditions evolves around the flow of energy. Whether it is in our homes or in our personal lives, the basic principles of Feng Shui ring true and can be applied.

This article is designed to propose some helpful Feng Shui basics.  It will propose 1or 2 principles at a time, as this is a practice in changing habits.  Changing habits take time.  Most taking up to 21 repeated actions of the positive behavior to achieve results.

  1. 1.     Clear out the clutter.

Clearing the Clutter may seem like a time and energy consuming task, but it is the most essential to getting the much needed positive energy flowing again.  If this task is entered into with a state of mind such as “this is therapeutic for the soul”, the task will seem less daunting.

Get rid of things that no longer serve us.  Ridding ourselves of

items that no longer serves us is two fold.  The items take

up space and/or time.  Time and space are both valuable resources.  Be deliberate in purging, asking frequently, “do we need this any longer – or has it served it’s purpose?”  If there is uncertainty about letting items go, or if a sudden twinge of pang comes up from within, maybe it’s not ready to be released.  Try putting those items/ emotions into a container labeled, “Come Back To It Later “.  Making sure to set a time limit – such as 2 weeks for example.  Otherwise we tend to ignore these items for the next few years as it collects dust in a corner.

It also helps if we remind ourselves that the only way the Universe can bring us something better is if we make space for it.  So it is important to “donate” the item so it can be useful to someone else.  If it is not going to be useful to someone else, throw it away immediately.

Tips to get started:

Start in one area of the room, or personal life.  Spend 5- 10

minutes every day sorting it out.  Deciding what to keep, what

to throw out, and what to give back to the Universe.  Have containers (boxes for the material items/ a journal for the spiritual) to put the items in that are being released.  If there is uncertainty, propose the question- Does this item serve us?  The items that no longer serve us, get rid of immediately.  Either through the local Goodwill, or thrift store.

As for the spiritual and emotional items that need to be removed, release these through daily affirmations.  Change the sound track of the mind. Too often, we as humans, tend to store all the negative words, actions and moments of our lives in the recesses of our minds. Our minds tend to click the “on” button to the tape recording of these phrases.  Turning them on and off continuously throughout the day.  Sometimes, without us even being aware of it.

While it is impossible to shut off the recordings completely, it is possible to change them to positive ones.  By intentionally practicing techniques that encourage change, one can purge negative thoughts from the mind.

One effective technique is to first recognize the moment when the negative recordings have been “switched on”.  To achieve this, place some sort of stretchy band around the wrist.  Each time the recordings switch on, give the band a snap, and then verbally or mentally replace the negative statement with a positive one.  It may seem hokey and insincere at first, but remember, habits take repetition to change.  And the habit of negative self talk has been accumulating since birth.  It is also one of the most detrimental actions imposed on our spiritual and physical well being.

If the negative self talk is persistent, it may indicate an item or area that beckons to be examined.  Some sort of Life Lesson may be attached to this item / thought.   These items can be released to the universe by asking the angels, God source, or inner self to release it back to the Universe.  Ask ourselves for forgiveness.  Not only forgiveness from others, but forgiveness from ourselves.

At times, these releases may require a journey of transition versus a quick fix.  Consulting a professional Spiritual Director, Counselor or professionals trained in the field may ease this transition.

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